Resource virtualization is currently being employed at all levels of the IT infrastructure to improve provisioning and manageability, with the goal of reducing total cost of ownership. This means that database systems will increasingly be run in virtualized environments, inside virtual machines.
Computer server virtualization is a very hot topic in the IT industry. Database servers with Oracle RAC One Node running in virtual machines could improve availability and flexibility at lowest possible cost.
Cost-effective utilization of IT infrastructure is a major challenge confronting CEOs and IT managers today. One way to meet this challenge is through virtualization.
 Businesses today increasingly need to leverage a unified database platform to enable the deployment and consolidation of all their applications onto one common infrastructure. Whether supporting OLTP, DW or mixed workloads, a common infrastructure delivers the efficiencies and reusability the data centre needs and provides the reality of cloud computing in-house. The Sun Oracle Exadata Storage Server allows companies to accelerate database performance, handle change and growth in scalable and incremental steps, and deliver mission-critical data availability and protection.
ODMs / Exadata are the answer to many open questions related to cost effective solutions. Contact us to get a quote on MAA IT virtualisation solutions.
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