DR Solutions
The reliance on data for day-to-day business operations is always increasing.

The great thing about using Oracle as the underlying technology foundation for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) is that the Oracle database natively offers most of the popular HA/DR solutions available today. When used in combination with partner-technologies customers will have a complete portfolio of HA/DR solutions to choose from that will best fit their business requirements.

For example, if the companys RTO is zero or very near to zero (e.g. a stock exchange), then relying on just backup and recovery is not an option - because in the event of a disaster at the primary site, a secondary site must be restored and brought up with previously backed-up data and the business will be unavailable during that time. Similarly, if a company has already invested in appropriate software infrastructures, it makes sense to leverage the disaster recovery capabilities of that software (e.g. Oracle 9i Database), instead of investing in newer remote mirroring technologies. If a company has to protect both database-resident data and filesystem-resident data, and both these types of data change frequently, then a combination of remote mirroring and automated standby databases, along with usual backup and recovery strategies, may make more business sense.

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